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Grundfos Pumps - SE Series

Grundfos Pumps - SE Series-SEV and SE1 SeriesGrundfos Pumps Overview

The Grundfos Pumps SEV and SE1 pumps are designed for handling wastewater, process water and unscreened raw sewage in heavy-duty municipal, utility, and industrial applications.

These two technologically very advanced series of pumps are available with efficient single-channel or SuperVortex impellers allowing for free passage of solids up to 100 mm in size. This greatly reduces the risk of clogging, and ensures maximum up-time and low operating costs.

The SEV and SE1 pumps can be permanently installed by means of an auto-coupling system or with a fixed pipe connection, submerged or dry, without separate motor cooling arrangements. The pumps are also suitable for free-standing installation, or as portable utility pumps.



Grundfos Pumps Applications

The SE Grundfos pumps are designed to optimise the operation of a system. Reliability, simple maintenance, and complete system compatibility are some of the main advantages.

Features and benefits Grundfos Pumps

  • Cable plug connection
  • Unique clamp connection
  • Single-channel and vortex impellers
  • Solids passage up to 100 mm
  • Unique cartridge shaft seal
  • Modular design
  • Minimum downtime
  • Motor based on premium efficiency components
  • Unique liquid-less motor cooling system
  • Many sensor options.

Ebara Pumps - SZ Series

Features Ebara Pumps


  • High efficiency.
  • Low cost operation.
  • Economics.
  • Non clogging.
  • Easy maintenance.



Applications Ebara Pumps


  • Irrigation
  • Industrial use
  • Drainage
  • Shrimp eathern
  • Flooding



Specifications Ebara Pumps


  • Type Horizontal shaft mixed flow volute pump
  • Impeller mixed flow open type
  • Rotation counter clockwise when viewed from end shaft coupling
  • Ball bearing (sealed ball bearing or oil bath type)
  • JIS 10 Kg/Cm2 (Thick Type)
  • Noozle Position Standard 200-250; Side suction – Top discharge, Standard 300-500; Side suction – Side discharge; Optional 300-350; Side suction – Top discharge
  • Liquid river water, fresh water
  • Temperature liquid below 80o C


Grundfos Wastewater Treatment

Grundfos Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from water discharged from domestic, industrial or commercial premises as well as surface run-off. Grundfos Wastewater treatment typically utilises mechanical, biological, and chemical processes to remove these contaminants. Grundfos Wastewater Treatment can supply a whole range of components for a complete mechanical, biological, and chemical wastewater treatment plant.

The process of Grundfos wastewater treatment varies from simple tanks, relying solely on sedimentation, to the refined treatment processes with advanced biological treatment that we know today. Treatment aims at reducing the pollution contained in the Grundfos Wastewater Treatment – Water Treatment such as bacteria and viruses, oxygen consuming components, nutrients, pharmaceuticals, chemical substances and heavy metals from wastewater before it is discharged to the receiving waters.

Grundfos Wastewater Treatment has decades of experience developing controller and monitoring systems for pumping solutions and manufactures its own pump motors for all fluid types and flow requirements. This ensures a perfect match with hydraulics, motors, electrics, and all other mechanical components that make up a comprehensive pumping solution, ensuring the best possible efficiency point.

Control and monitoring systems increase the potential for improving both efficiency and reliability. Grundfos supplies external variable speed drives (Grundfos CUE) that are pre-programmed for the Grundfos range of products, ensuring optimal operation.

The high-efficiency motors developed by Grundfos, with or without an integrated or external variable frequency drive, meet and in some cases exceed the requirements set by motor-efficiency legislation around the world. Considering that on average 85% of a normal pump system’s Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is energy costs, switching to Grundfos pumps with high-efficiency motor technology can mean a LCC reduction of up to 50% and a reduction in environmental impact.

Grundfos Wastewater Treatment offers a broad range of equipment designed specifically for wastewater handling and treatment. The sustainability of a sewage treatment plant requires that the solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation. Grundfos Wastewater Treatment remains with you and your solution for the duration, offering commissioning agreements to ensure correct installation and service agreements offering cover for all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts.

Grundfos Wastewater Treatment-Water Treatment

Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment

Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment Overview

Even with Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment a good water source, Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment should be considered to ensure a good water quality. Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use and to ensure that stringent quality standards to the consumer are maintained. Grundfos can supply pumping solutions for solids separation using mechanical treatments such as settling and filtration, dosing solutions for chemical treatments such as disinfection and coagulation.

For example, dissolved substances that are removed during drinking Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment include calcium and magnesium from hard water, sulphur and carbon dioxide from acid water, iron from red water, manganese from brownish-black water, nitrate from fertiliser-contaminated water, hydrogen sulphide gas from rotten-egg smelling water, and sediments and organic matter from turbid water, where minerals may also be dissolved in high concentrations. Other desired end-uses for water could be for industrial processes or medical use.

Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment systems range from submersibles to end-suction pumps and huge split-case pumps as well as our highly successful vertical multistage centrifugal pump (CR). Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment Our complete range of dosing pump systems are for large or small volumes and based on different technologies; electronic and electrochemical accessories offer complete control; and PLC-controlled, fully automatic systems for dry material preparation and reliable dosing.

The sustainability of Grundfos Pumps water treatment solutions requires that the pumping solution is durable, ensuring cost effective and trouble-free operation. Grundfos has decades of experience developing controller and monitoring systems for pumping solutions and manufactures its own pump motors for all fluid types and flow requirements.

External frequency converters (CUE) for variable speed drives and motor protection (MP204) to monitor motor conditions ensure optimal adaptation to changing conditions. This ensures a perfect match with hydraulics, motors, electrics, and all other mechanical components Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment that make up a comprehensive pumping solution, ensuring the best possible efficiency point.

Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment solutions are designed specifically for pumping installations and all the components are fully integrated from the outset. Life Cycle Cost analyses have shown how this seemingly complex and costly process results in tangible benefits for owners. Grundfos Pumps Water Treatment commissioning agreements ensure correct installation and service agreements cover all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts and pump audits.

Ebara Pumps - FSDA 50Hz & 60Hz

Features Ebara Pumps
  • Motor closed couple, alignment free construction.
  • Easy maintenance, BPO (Back Pull Out) feature allows all rotating elements to be removed without disconnecting suction and discharge pipework.
  • Top centreline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.
  • Higher operating efficiency over a wider range of capacities, lowers operational cost.
  • Very compact design for ease of installation and permits minimum maintenance.


Applications Ebara Pumps
  • Water supply
  • Hot and cold water circulation
  • For cooling tower
  • Fire-fighting application
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial use
  • Drainage
  • Sprinkling
  • Air-conditioning
  • For swimming pool
  • Brine
  • Oils


Material Ebara Pumps
  • Casing cast iron, Impeller bronze, Bracket cast iron, Shaft 316 satinless steel, Mechacnical seal ceramic vs carbon.


Tsurumi Pumps - Utility Series

Utility Series by Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps Not every project needs a large pump, yet the application may call for a quality of pump a few grades higher than what’s found in retail stores. In order to satisfy your customers, turn to Tsurumi Tsurumi Pumps line of contractor ready utility pumps.


Tsurumi Pumps Utility Series Features

L4000 Series DC Pump:
12 volt DC pump.

1.5″ and 2″ discharge ports.

Liquid cooled motor.

Double ball bearing.

12 pole motor.

Built in check valve.


Tsurumi Pumps Utility Series Features

F-13 Utility Pump:
Air-filled motor.

Built in float switch for automatic or manual operation.

1.25″ discharge with garden hose adapter.

With an air filled motor, this lightweight pump is suitable for all your general dewatering applications whether it be draining the children’s pool, or removing access water from the basement floor. There’s a built in float switch allowing you to operate the pump automatically or manually depending on the situation.

Tsurumi Pumps Performance Range


Utility Series


Model Discharge Size (in.) Motor Output (HP) Voltage (V) Cable Length (ft.) Diameter (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
F-13 1 1/4 in. 1/4 hp (nominal) 115V 10 ft. 6.6 lbs.
L4000 1 1/2 or 2 in. 12V 6 ft. 5.4 lbs.

Tsurumi - UEF / UT Series

Tsurumi Pumps UEF/UT Series

The Tsurumi UEF pump features a vortex impeller and wide passage, making it ideal for pumping liquids containing fibrous foreign matter.  The UT pump is a compact economical cast iron pump, which has a large passage that makes it ideal for liquid containing various solids.

UEF Series

Tsurumi UEF/UT Series Features

UEF Series:

Vortex impeller

Built-in thermal protector

Air-filled motor rated for continuous duty

Ideal for tank transfer at small scale treatment facilities

Cast iron construction

Single-phase operation

Optional float switches available

Tsurumi UT Series:

Economical – the UT / UTZ Series is an economical version of the Tsurumi U Series, semi-vortex submersible pumps.  It is designed for a wide range ofapplications.

Large Diameter Passage – The pumo has a large passage that makes it ideal fr liquid containing various solids.

Available in Automatic Operation – Automatic version equipped wtih floats.  (50UTZ2.4S and 50UTZ2.75S)

Tsurumi Performance Range


UEF/UT Series


Model Tsurumi Discharge Size (in.) Phase Motor Output (HP) Voltage (V) Diameter (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
50UEF2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/220 9 1/2 13 33
50UT2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/220 9 1/2 13 3/4 31
50UT2.75S 2 Single 1 115/220 9 1/2 16 37
50UTZ2.4S 2 Single 1/2 115/220 9 1/2 15 3/4 31
50UTZ2.75S 2 Single 1 115/220 9 1/2 18 37
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