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Wastewater Pumps


A Wastewater pump is an enclosed unit with a pump and a motor. due to this construction the wastewater pump is suitable for submersible installation in pits. in submersible installations with auto-coupling systems double rails are normally used. the auto-coupling system facilitates maintenance, repair and replacement of the pump. because of the construction of the pump, it is not necessary to enter the pit to carry out service. In fact, it is possible to connect and disconnect the pump automatically from the outside of the pit. Wastewater pump can also be installed dry like conventional pumps in vertical or horizontal installations. Likewise this type of installation provides easy maintenance and repair like it provides uninterrupted operation of the pump in case of flooding of the dry pit.



wastewater pump have to be able to handle large particles. Therefore, they are fitted with special impellers to avoid blockage and clogging. Different types of impellers exist : single-channels impellers, double-channels impellers, three and four-channels impellers and vortex impellers.


Wastewater pumps usually come with a dry motor, which is IP68 protected. Motor and pump have a common extended shaft with a double mechanical shaft seal system in an intermediate oil chamber.

Wastewater pump are able to operate either intermittently or continously depending on the installation in question.

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