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Tsurumi Submersible / Portable Residue Dewatering Pumps

Tsurumi Submersible Portable , capability of pumping water down to a minimum level of 1mm

Common Features Tsurumi Submersible Of LSP1.4S and LSC1.4S

  • Cable entry with anti-wicking block
  • High-grade bearings for high temperature operation
  • Integrated high-performance motor
  • Pump is provided with a dual-face mechanical seal housed in an oil-filled chamber. The motor is double protected from ingress of water
  • Service life of mechanical seal is extended by OIL LIFTER ( Patent Pending )
  • V-Ring is mounted to act as a dust seal to prevent fine corrosive particles in the priming fluid from reaching the mechanical seal
  • Impeller lock minimized by semi-vortex design
  • Cooling system/discharge Port <flow-through design > ( Pumped water cools the motor, which enables the unit to run continously even when the pump body is exposed to air )
  • Light, strong materials ( Light but strong materials such as aluminium die castings and water-resistant spesial syntetic rubber are used on entire pump )
  • Low-Water Level Draining Mechanism ( Pump can suck up water from shallow puddles and water can be drained down to a minimum level of 1mm. the new siphon breaker mechanism for LSP and the newly developed swing check valve for LSC Prevents reverse flow of water once it is sucked in.

Applications Examples Tsurumi Submersible

Tsurumi Submersible LSC1.4S Series

  1. Tsurumi Submersible Cleaning of Fish Pond
  2. Dewatering in constructions site
  3. Tsurumi Submersible & Portable for Draining of Rainwater and Puddles
  4. For Cleaning / Draining of Swimming Pools
  5. Emergency Draining of Basement Car Park
  6. Draining of Water in Flat and Low Lying Area for Prevention of Mosquitoes Breeding


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