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KSB Pumps – Innovation of the year 2014 for High Efficiency

Innovation of the year 2014

Magnochem mag-drive pump – great performance.

High output per size meets maximum efficiency: 2014 saw KSB pumps add a new mag-drive pump to its range with the next-generation Magnochem. The standardised chemical pump is optimised to meet the requirements of the food, oil and chemical industries. The innovative type series includes 52 hydraulic sizes and numerous magnetic coupling variants. The KSB pumps are in compliance with DIN EN ISO 2858 / ISO 5199 and are particularly energy-efficient.

Mag-drive pumps are often the first choice for applications requiring the transportation of hazardous, odour-intensive, hot or solids-containing fluids. The new Magnochem mag-drive pump from KSB unites a whole host of innovations: alongside the magnetic coupling’s flexible modular design system and four operating modes, the central positioning of the plain bearings with thrust bearings arranged internally represents a unique aspect of the design which ensures maximum operating reliability. Magnochem can also reliably handle low-boiling fluids such as ammoniac or hydrocarbons. If required, an auxiliary impeller can increase pressure in the critical range and prevent the fluid handled from evaporating.

Optimally suited to all fluids handled by KSB pumps

KSB’s engineers paid special attention to the magnetic coupling design and the routing of the circulation, cooling and lubricating flows. Magnochem’s four operating modes range from basic internal circulation to the so-called “dead-end configuration” with heat exchanger and auxiliary impeller. This allows the pumps to be optimised for the transportation of polymerising, coagulating, crystallising or easily evaporating substances at any time.

Highly durable materials such as titanium or zircon oxide

KSB Pumps As well as corrosion-resistant materials such as the nickel alloy Hastelloy or titanium, zircon oxide can be used for Magnochem containment shrouds as required. This ceramic material:

  • Is highly resistant to corrosion
  • Does not generate eddy currents when exposed to a moving magnetic field
  • Prevents heat losses which reduce the pump’s performance

The magnetic material selected by KSB’s engineers is samarium cobalt, which is extremely temperature-resistant and offers excellent magnetic properties.

The right magnetic coupling for every size

As a rule, KSB can offer multiple coupling sizes for every pump size. This allows the pump’s magnetic drive to be tailored to the performance required. Static and dynamic balancing of the rotor during manufacture ensures that Magnochem pumps experience very little vibration when in operation.

Plain bearings require a film of fluid for lubrication in order to keep friction and associated heat to a minimum and to cool the bearing. An optional leakage barrier provides extra reliability and protects the motor, the robust rolling element bearings and the environment against any fluids which might escape. The space around the impeller is monitored by sensors which ensure that leakage is promptly registered.

KSB pumps Also available in close-coupled design

As well as the conventional models in back pull-out design, a close-coupled KSB Magnochem model with 44 sizes is available for spatially restricted installation locations. The type series’s highest flow rate is 1400 m3/h, at a maximum head of 233 m. The pump’s permissible operating temperature ranges from -90 °C to +300 °C.

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