SQPB - Ebara Self Priming Pumps


• Irrigation
• Drainage
• General purpose


• No priming is required except for initial use
• Special design of casing provides very rapid priming for extended piping
• Maintenance is facilitated due to packing type
• Water mixed with a little sand or mud can be pumped up due to semi-open impeller design
• Easy installation with engine for belt driven due to cc



Liquid : River water and Fresh water (Optional : Sea Water)
Temperature : 0 – 40 C
Rotation : Counter clock wise when viewed from drive end
Installation : Outdoors
- Casing : Cast Iron (Optional : Bronze)
- Impeller : Cast Iron (Optional : Bronze)
- Shaft : Carbon Steel (Optional : Stainless Steel)
- Impeller : Semi Open
- Stuffing Box : Packing
- Bearing : Sealed Ball Bearing
Accessories : Strainer, Discharge Elbow, Hose Clamp, suction Hose Nipple,
Standard V – Pulley
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