end suction pumps

Ebara - End Suction Pumps

ebara-pumps-end-suctionEnd Suction Volute Pump.

  •  Easy Confirm to JIS Standard JIS B8313 with 2 pole and 4 pole choice.
  • BPO (Back Pull Out) Type can be dissembled and inspected without removing the suction and discharge piping.
  • Top centerline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.



  • General Water supply
  • Hot and cold water circulation
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial Water

Grundfos end-suction pumps

Grundfos end-suction pumps are used in water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial liquid transfer, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), and irrigation.
Grundfos end-suction pumps are multi-purpose pumps suitable for a variety of different applications requiring reliable and cost-efficient supply. End-suction pumps are used in five main areas of application: water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial liquid transfer, HVAC and irrigation by Grundfos end-suction pumps

The Grundfos NB/NBG pumps are all non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial suction port, radial discharge port and horizontal shaft. The NB/NBG range consists of close-coupled pumps with their main dimensions in accordance with either EN733 or ISO2858.

Applications for Grundfos end-suction pumps

Grundfos offers a virtually limitless range of close coupled (NB) end-suction pumps. Their sturdiness and reliability make them ideal for use in demanding environments such as the following:

  • District heating plants
  • Heating systems for blocks of flats
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Wash down systems
  • Other industrial systems.


Features and benefits Grundfos end-suction pumps

  • Optimised hydraulics in housing and impeller = unimpeded liquid flow
  • O-ring seal between pump housing and cover = no risk of leakage
  • pumps Housing, impeller and wear ring in different materials = improved corrosion resistance, no sticking elements
  • Pump is CED coated to increase corrosion resistance
  • Available with IE1, IE2 and IE3 motors
  • Available in a number of shaft seal and material variants
  • PN 10,16 and 25 bar
  • For temperatures up to 140 °C.

MAXA - MAXANA Series Grundfos

The MAXA/MAXANA ranges comprise single-stage, end-suction stainless steel centrifugal pumps designed for heavy-duty operation in a variety of food and beverage applications Pumps, chemical and industrial processes, and wastewater treatment processes.

The main dimensions pump and characteristics pump correspond to EN 733 / ISO2858
The MAXA pumps are available in a special version with specifications Pumps to hygienic standards. They are CIP/SIP capable and can meet the GMP requirements regarding FDA-approved material (on request).

The main applications pumps are in breweries, the beverage and food industries, and water treatment. However, the MAXA/MAXANA pumps range also meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, surface treatment, the textile industry, etc.

Applications Pumps

  • Gentle pumping of mash and wort for beer filtration (hot side)
  • Liquid transfer in dairies
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Liquids with high content of solid particles
  • Biofuel applications.

 MAXA and MAXANA-Grundfos

Features and benefits Pumps

  • Greatest possible flexibility
  • Materials: Rolled, deep-drawn steel AISI 316L (1.4404) with electropolished surface
  • Gentle liquid handling for sensitive liquids
  • Optimised hydraulics
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Wide range of motors
  • Multiple sealing systems
  • Many pumps variants
  • Shrouded pumps
  • Various pipe connection types and sizes
  • Two different impeller types
  • Robust design for heavy duty operation
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • ATEX-certified pumps
  • Tronic (up to 22kw)
  • Flow up to 1200 m3/h

Ebara Pumps - End Suction DWO Series

Stainless steel open impeller centrifugal pumps

Model DWO

The model DWO open impeller end suction pumps are constructed of bulge formed stainless steel and designed for corrosion resistance, dependable performance pumps and high-efficiency, continuous duty. High-quality stainless steel components are stronger, dimensionally consistent and lighter weight compared to conventional cast iron, making EBARA centrifugal pumps competitively priced and an economical, advantageous choice. The model DWO Pumps is suitable for applications with suspended solids including food and beverage processing, dirty liquid handling and other plant


such as industrial washing machine water.

Specifications Pumps

  • Pumps Suction Size: 2 to 2 1/2″ NPT (female) thread
  • Pumps Discharge Size: 2″ NPT (female) thread
  • Range Pumps of HP: 1 1/2 to 4 HP
  • Capacity Pumps: to 250 GPM
  • Head Pumps: 35 to 65 Ft.
  • Max. working pressure: 116 PSI (8 Bar)
  • Temperature: 194°F (90°C)
  • Liquid: suitable for suspended 3/4″ spherical solids in semi-dirty water

Key Features Pumps

  • Open impeller – suitable for suspended solids in liquid and dirty water; solids handling to 3/4″ (spherical)
  • Close coupled design – saves space; simplifies maintenance and installation
  • Stainless steel liquid end components – high quality; corrosion resistance; NPT threaded connections, hose barb connections
  • Back pullout construction – assembly and overhaul of the impeller and seal without distorting suction and discharge pumps connections
  • Top centerline discharge and foot support under casing – ensures self-venting and reduces misalignment from pipe loads
  • High operating efficiency – lowers operating costs
  • High quality mechanical shaft seals and o-rings – available for standard pumping requirements, or optional high temperature and chemical duty operation.
  • TEFC motors, IEC motors manufactured by EBARA Corporation

Applications Pumps

  • Food process
  • Beverage process
  • Dirty liquid handling
  • OEM equipment application
  • Water reclamation
  • Water treatment
  • Plant services

Ebara Centrifugal Pumps - 3 series

 3‘ series Stainless Steel End Suction Pumps to DIN 24255 standard

These series of stainless steel pumps feature a unique one piece volute casing that are produced using an advanced computer controlled Plasma stamping system that ensures total quality control during manufacture.  With the smooth surfaces of stamped stainless steel, this results in consistent high standard products, of superior quality and high efficiency.

Ebara Centrifugal Pumps – The back pull-out construction permits the disassembly and overhaul of the impeller, shaft and bearings, without removal of the suction or discharge piping, or pumps casing.

The centre line discharge and foot support under the casing ensure maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe pumps loads.

Suitable for many applications pumps:

  • Industrial, commercial and agricultural applications pumps
  • Booster sets and cooling towers
  • Washing plants and air conditioning systems
  • Water supply pumps and irrigation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumping or boosting of water in general

With 2 different versions, and with 2 pole & 4 pole models available, there is a large range from which to ensure the correct pumps is selected.