DSU - DSHU by Ebara Pumps

Submersible cast iron sump pumps

Model DSU, DSHU Series

The model DSU, DSHU submersible pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron suitable for sump and drainage pumps applications. The model DSHU pumps can handle hot water applications up to 176°F.

Specifications Pumps

  • Pumps Discharge Size: 2″, 3″, 4″
  • Range Pumps of HP: 1/2 to 10 HP
  • Pumps Capacity: 8 to 390 GPM
  • Pumps Head: 8 to 126 Feet
  • Max. liquid temperature:
    • 122°F/50°C (Model DSU)
    • 158°F/70°C (Model DSHU 1/2, 1 HP )
    • 176°F/80°C (ModelDSHU 2 to 5 HP)
    • 200°F/93°C (ModelDSHU limited to 10 minutes)

Key Features Pumps

  • Air-filled, heavy-duty motor rated for 20 starts/hour – operates cooler with higher efficiencies
  • Built-in autocut motor protection – protects against overheat, out of phase, single phasing, and no load
  • 60,000 hour bearings – long dependable operation, lower maintenance costs
  • Semi-open impellers – best design for handling stringy and abrasive materials providing durability and longer life
  • Double mechanical seals – operate in an oil bath providing longer service life and lower maintenance costs
  • Stainless steel shaft – high tensile strength and corrosion resistance
  • Small and lightweight – easy to transport for temporary installations
  • Accessories – Cast iron discharge elbow available for 3 to 5 HP models; optional QDC system available

Applications Pumps

  • Water
  • Dewatering
  • Drainage
  • Effluent
  • Hot Water
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