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Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps

saving-energy-grundfos-pumpsALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PUMPS AND ENERGY THIS IS FOR Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps



Pumps are involved in nearly every aspect of modern living. They are used to move fluids such as liquids, slurries or gasses.

Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps.

In businesses, buildings, households and industries, pumps exist – in some form or another. They are key components in maintaining comfort levels in buildings. for Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps They deliver and distribute clean drinking water from water treatment plants throughout cities, while at the same time removing wastewater. And, they are highly present within a wide range of industries to Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps. The world depends on them, but many pumps are also serious energy wasters, leaving behind a significant carbon footprint for Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps. This is because today’s pumps account for no less than10% of the world’s electricity consumption and because the majority of electricity is still produced using fossil fuels [1].

Pumps and the world’s electricity consumption procent_billede

Today pumps account for no less than 10% of the world’s electricity consumption.

Two third of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy [2].

If every business switched to a high efficiency pump system there could be global savings of 4% of the total electricity consumption- comparable with the residential electricity consumption of 1 billion people.

Sources to Saving Energy – Grundfos Pumps

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[2] Almeida, Anibal T. et al; EuP Lot 11 Motors Final Report, University of Coimbra, December 2007, p: 68

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